Letters to Nolan: 17 Months

Dear Nolan,

Wow, January really flew by! The first snuck up on me today, and I didn’t realize until late afternoon that you turned 17 months old today. We did some quick photos on the couch; thankfully you were in a great mood and giggled as I tried to make you sit still for more than half a second at a time. These days, I can hardly keep up with you. You are constantly moving, either running, climbing, or flipping your body away from me as I try to get you dressed. Your mouth moves as fast as your body; I think  you may rival your sister in talking as soon as you learn how to string words together.

Nolan, at 17 months you:

  • Weigh 24 pounds, 13 ounces
  •  Wear size 18 month clothing, size 5 shoe and size 4 diaper
  • Still have only 4 teeth, but I think one of the top ones may be about to poke through
  • Are starting to say a few more actual words, and you constantly babble, grunt, and point.
  • Have a really quick temper and have started hitting, pulling hair, and biting when you don’t get your way. We are going to have to nip this in the bud, bud.
  • Have no separation anxiety and love going to the church nursery, MOPS, and are fine being left with babysitters
  • Had your first ER visit last week. You were in respiratory distress at urgent care and they sent us to the hospital. You were diagnosed with Hand, Foot Mouth, given a breathing treatment and a steroid, and 24 hours later you were good as new.
  • Love to torment your sister by taking her things and running away, but you also adore her and always want to be near her.
  • Love your brother and will give him hugs and kisses when you see him
  • Are still a pretty terrible sleeper, but I guess we are just used to it by now. Sigh.
You are messy, naughty, and wear me out, but you are also the sweetest cuddler with the best smile, and oh, how I love you so. Happy 17 months!


  1. Down On The Farm on February 2, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    He's really growing!!!! You have beautiful kids!!!

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