I have lived my entire life in a safe, comfortable, Christian bubble. My testimony up until very recently would bore you to tears; I followed the rules, and literally have not one skeleton in my closet. I stayed in the background, and didn’t ever question the religion that professed love, kindness, and a savior that guaranteed a ticket to Heaven.

But the thing is, I no longer identify with the brand of Christianity that raised me. Today, that brand looks a whole lot more like nationalism than it does Jesus.

I’m seeing the very people who taught me to love my enemy and the meaning behind the story of the Good Samaritan embrace policies that turn away hurting and desperate refugees because of their nationality.

I’m seeing women whom I’ve looked to as Biblical examples cheer the return to “America First” and “taking care of our own”, and yet, I can’t find anything in my Bible to support that ideology.

I’m seeing post after post from Pro-Life Christians professing All Lives Matter, but then those same people are silent when actual innocent lives are disrupted or threatened by our own government.

And I’m continually reminded that the religion that taught me that I ought to live by the Ten Commandments, the Fruit of the Spirit and the B-Attitudes elected and is now supporting a man who is obsessed with self-promotion, building walls and with how far he can take his power.

And I’m done.

How is this making America great? We want God back in our country? How about we start by showing Jesus to people fleeing literal carnage (not the supposed widespread American carnage Trump referred to in his inaugural speech) instead of telling them they aren’t welcome here? Instead of rolling our eyes at protestors at the airports, why don’t we join them in demanding people be treated with dignity and be allowed to be reunited with their families, homes, and jobs? America will never be great if we praise God on Sunday but turn our backs on the oppressed, hurting, and least of these every other day of the week.

There are plenty of political justifications (although I would argue a lot of them are also immoral) for the crap Trump has pulled in just 9 days in office. But don’t try and justify them with Jesus, or American evangelical Christianity.

I’m just not buying it anymore.


  1. Julie Mavity Maddalena on January 30, 2017 at 4:10 am

    Elizabeth, my name is Julie, and I'm an old friend of Ryan's (high school and then ACU). I started following your blog when Grayson began getting ill, and I realized I would be able to follow his journey more from your posts than Ryan's. I've ached and followed your journey with your sweet kiddos and been amazed by your honesty and your grit. I have also been watching your journey and your development with your faith. I have walked a similar journey (I'm now a minister in the United Church of Christ, finishing a PhD in Christian social ethics), and I'm so grateful for your honesty and transparency. It gives me hope. Thank you for sharing your full journey and continuing to tell your story. There are lots of us out there if you ever need more support from folks who have made similar faith journeys. Blessings.

  2. Clare on January 31, 2017 at 12:51 am

    You are not alone. I am shocked and delighted by the outpouring of support I received from unexpected people when I chose to publicly renounce my connection with the charismatic evangelical Christian movement of today.

    Our God is worth serving and serving well. Praying you will be encouraged and supported in your desire to seek Him fully.

  3. Amber on February 1, 2017 at 6:01 am

    I've never had such a personal struggle as I'm experiencing right now. The things I've heard and seen written regarding the horrible events such as the mosques burning down in the US this week are so heinous and shocking that I truly can't believe these people exist. And even worse, some are my family and friends. Our world is being negatively impacted daily now and our children are being taught prejudice and hatred. The country's leader makes me feel physically ill. And then to deliver insult on top of injury, the church I was planning to try next because of its “excellent youth programs” was on the news because 4 young people have come forward with sexual assault allegations. What has happened to the world we live in?!?

  4. Persistent on February 2, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Hello Elizabeth, love your posts and have been following you for quite long now. I am a Muslim and will just tell you not to judge your religion in relation to people who represent it. Even those examples whom you thought of as “biblical figures”. You have the Bible, read it and behave it according to it. You dont need even a priest. How can somebody even tell you how many Hello Marys to say in order to be forgiven for your sins?! Aming Muslims, there are some bad examples from muslim leaders, who pray and go to the mosque. If i was judging islam by looking at them, i would have never gone to the mosque oropened the Qur'an, but no. My religion is my private thing and i read and behave according to it, using my common sense.i cannot even say that those hypocrites are practising any religion. They just immitate and implement parts that suit them.
    Warm regards!

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