Mid-Summer Sentiments

What a long, strange summer. On a personal level, we are chugging along, but I find myself losing patience with the kids with no real structured schedule or weekly plans. The past few weeks have been hot and boring, with naps being hit or miss, and only a handful of hours a week that it’s logistically possible to hang out at the pool. I’m looking forward to August and September, with new schools for both Grayson and Charlotte and a new job for Ryan.

I’ve been obsessed with the news and politics lately, more so than ever before. I’m reading a ton, listening to podcasts on the election, and have been watching the RNC every night this week, which is more TV than I’ve watched in months. I’m torn between staying quiet and participating in the online conversations about this election. On one hand, no one ever changed anyone’s mind by posting a political article on Facebook, but I admire so many (both people I know personally and those I don’t) I see taking bold stands against injustice and the bigotry that is happening all around us. I am saddened and horrified that most would assume that calling myself a Christian means that I’m also a Republican, and that I will be voting for a candidate that makes fun of disabled people, berates women, and stereotypes and wants to ban whole groups of people from this country. Nope, not going to happen.

We are still struggling with potty training Charlotte. I am so worn out and frustrated and when I think about having to do this with another child in a few years it makes me want to cry. I know she’ll eventually get it and we will move on with life, but in the meantime this whole thing is making me so discouraged. It’s revealing parts of me and my expectations for her that I’m really not proud of, and I have been challenged to give more patience and grace than feels comfortable.

Nolan is a sweet, chunky ball of baby, and it makes my heart beat a little faster when I think that we are less than two months from his first birthday. My last baby. To be honest though, I’m kind of over the baby stage. I’m tired, and I’m tired of fishing crayons out of his mouth. He sure is cute though, and I’m excited to have a rough-and-tumble little boy (as opposed to the rough-and-tumble baby boy he already is).

Then there’s Grayson. My pure-hearted, loving little guy. Many times I hold him and am just in awe of how lucky I am to be able to live in the same house and share my life with that boy. He started PT back up today with a new therapist that will come to our house, and he did great! Our nursing situation still hasn’t resolved- currently we have one nurse who comes 1-2 nights a week. We are trying to find someone who wants 5 nights a week and/or possible a nurse to go to school with Grayson. I wish I had more of a concrete idea of how school is going to work for him; right now we aren’t even positive what school he’s going to attend.

I’m realizing that every season comes with it’s positives as well as it’s challenges. I’m so thankful I’ve had this summer to drastically slow down the pace of my life (I hardly drive anywhere these days!) but I also long for the predictability of weekly events and a fuller calendar. I hope all of you are having a great summer…

Grayson for President!


  1. My Vegas on July 22, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    I do hate that we feel forced to align ourselves to one “side” when it comes to politics because of the historical precedents. I appreciate you writing what you wrote.
    And yeah, potty training is a test of my ability to let go of my control over another person, specifically that little person's bodily functions. I'm sure the peer pressure when she returns to school will create a desire to just do it. 🙂

  2. Down On The Farm on July 25, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    I prayed for you and your sweet boy this morning. Asking God to make all of your crooked places straight! Don't try to figure it all out . . . you don't have to. God is holding you in the palm of His mighty hand. Know what you mean about the election. I don't like Trump or Hillary . . . sadly there is no choice “C.” But I know God is in control! Blessings from Missouri today!!

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