Letters to Charlotte: Three and a Half

Dear Charlotte,
Today, my beautiful little girl, you are three and a half. Yesterday, I let you pick out a dress, we washed and blow-dried your hair and went outside and took these pictures. Most of the time, it’s so hard to imagine what you will look like in 2, 5 or 10 years, but I see glimpses of your future self in these pictures. You are sweet, independent and fierce, and I hope you stay that way throughout your life.

Let’s talk about your sweetness. One of my favorite times of day is when we read books and I sing a few songs to you before bed. You always ask a million questions about whatever story we are reading and request “How I Love You” (“You Are My Sunshine”) and “Grace” (“Amazing Grace”). Then you ask for extra hugs and kisses and say “I love you Mommy- goodnight!” as I close your door.

You love your brothers. Although you have really struggled this year with your relationship with Grayson, you are coming around. You often ask where he is and request that I bring him upstairs to the playroom with you and Nolan. And Nolan. You are so, so sweet to him. You love being the first one in his room in the morning when he wakes up and ask several times a day to “hold my baby”. You two wrestle and giggle constantly, and already have the sweetest bond.

You sure are sweet, but are also maddeningly independent. It seems these days that with anything (anything!) I suggest, you have a better idea. You want to do most things by yourself, which is sometimes frustrating for me, but I know it’s part of your normal development. One thing you don’t do independently very well is play by yourself. You are a social butterfly and want Mommy to “play with me” all day long. You ask me every day who is coming over to play or where we are going. You want to know everyone’s names, whether that be the kids in the neighborhood pool or the people on billboards on the freeway.

Girlfriend, you are fierce. We are still working on channeling your strong will and balancing it with kindness, sharing, and taking turns. I know you will get there, and I really do love that you have your own ideas and opinions and aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself and speak your mind.

Charlotte, at 3 1/2 you:

  • Weigh 32 pounds
  • Wear size 3T and 4T clothes, and size 8 shoes
  • Love coloring, playing with My Little Pony, and anything that involves pretend
  • Still refer to yourself as Shirley Temple
  • Love to watch Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Puffin Rock and Daniel Tiger
  • Are still struggling with potty training. I’m not writing this to shame or embarrass you, but just as a record of where we are right now 
  • Refer to anything that happened in the past as happening “yesterday”
  • Are starting to notice and care about your appearance. You love to be in the bathroom while I’m putting on my makeup and put on a bit of powder and blush.
  • Are still attached to Milton, and I’m starting to call him The Velveteen Milton because he is obviously well-loved, and has needed his first “surgery” to repair his worn nose.
  • Have started having some fears lately, especially having to do with the dark and things in your bedroom.
  • Love to snack and constantly asking for “something crunchy”.

Charlotte, there are times where you stretch and frustrate me to my absolute limit. I close your door at night and deeply exhale from emotional and physical exhaustion. But by the morning, I am always (well, after 6 am) to see your sweet little bed-head self appear at the top of the stairs. You are always in a good mood in the morning just make me smile. I love you more than I could ever describe and am in awe of what an intense, amazing, gorgeous little girl you are becoming.

Happy Half Birthday, Boo.



  1. Down On The Farm on July 25, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    Beautiful little girl!!! Daughters are such a blessing!!! I know this stage of life is exhausting, but it will pass before you know it, and I promise you, you will miss it ;).

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