Why #imwithher

I may lose some followers over this post, and I’m just going to have to be ok with that. But for six years, I’ve processed my life on this blog, and I have to process this. I’m not going to apologize if this offends you, but I’m happy to have an honest, respectful dialogue about it.

WHY are any of you voting for Donald Trump?

Oh, you hate Hillary? Why? Because she’s lied? Guess what- I’ve lied, and so have you. But you know what I’ve never done? Publicly and openly mocked a disabled person. Yeah, this one’s personal. My throat gets tight and tears well in my eyes every time I see that clip of Trump making fun of that reporter. To me, he’s making fun of Grayson. The person that may be the Commander in Chief of my country would stoop so low to mock my son, and not even have the decency to apologize for it.

You know what else is personal, to me and the majority of you reading this post? His misogyny. Right now, if you are planning to vote for Trump, please read this. Now. It will make you sick to your stomach, but read it to the very end. As a woman, and especially as the mother of a daughter, this is horrifying.

He’s a racist. Protecting our borders and fighting terrorism are good things, but calling groups of immigrants, illegal or not, violent criminals and rapists is just unconscionable. Calling for a ban of an entire religious group because of the actions of an extreme few is wrong. And unconstitutional. He can’t do that (along with a whole list of other things he has planned; he obviously has no idea how government even works- and a bunch of national security leaders don’t think so either.)

I’ve heard some of you say you like him because he’s not a career politician. This one makes absolutely no sense to me. You wouldn’t hire someone with no experience in education to be the superintendent of your school district, nor would you hire someone with no business experience to be the CEO of your company. I just don’t understand why (regardless of anything else) Trump’s total lack of political experience is anything but a hindrance to his campaign.

Trump’s speech at the RNC a few weeks ago made it sound like we should all be hiding in our homes because the crime in this country is so bad. It’s not. I’m not afraid to leave my house and live my life, and Trump’s scare tactics aren’t going to change that. What does scare me is a narcissist running for president who says ” I alone can fix it” about anything. Last I checked, we aren’t electing a dictator.

Back to Hillary. You hate her. Again, why? Specifically, why? You call her a criminal- she’s never been convicted of anything. The email thing- got it. I can say with absolute certainty she won’t do that again. But I can’t say that about Trump- who is almost laughably unable to learn from his mistakes (and won’t ever ask for forgiveness anyway). Policy aside, she’s more than qualified for the job. She knows how our government works, and how to interact with foreign leaders. She has actual policies and plans to get them accomplished, that don’t involve building walls and forcing our military to commit war crimes.

Christian friends- you say you can’t vote for Hillary because of her stance on abortion and gay marriage. Well, aside from the fact that you could never convince me that Trump is pro-life, whether or not abortion is legal or not, it’s going to exist. Instead of spending so much time and energy trying to make it illegal, why don’t we show love and empathy to women who are faced with that choice? If a woman feels helpless and alone and thinks abortion is her only option, she’s going to have an abortion, whether it’s legal or not. And regardless whether or not you think homosexuality is a sin, we are not a Christian nation and gay marriage is a civil rights issue, not a religious one.

I don’t love Hillary (but can we all just take a minute and acknowledge the historical significance of her nomination), and don’t agree with her on everything. I’m also not in the camp of thinking I have to pick between the “lesser of two evils”, because to me, there’s just no comparison of which campaign spews evil and has left me with genuine fear for the future. #imwithher.


  1. Diane on August 1, 2016 at 11:06 am

    You are not going to lose any readers for sharing your opinion- if you do? Their loss! I am proud of you for sharing your opinion- that is always a good thing! Maybe because I grew up around a very diverse group of folks I don't take Trumps “bravado” as anything more then bravado. I don't have one single Male in my family or friend group that over the years has not said something I wanted to at least spank them for.. this applies to those with PhD's and no degree– classic Americana Man -Disease. To be honest I have heard women say some pretty raw things about disabled(including Hillary while in office and “annoyed” she was having to host some children with disabilities) I don't necessarily think it is a hanging offense, but a cover- the question is, a cover for what?

    Trump hasn't held office- so really despite likely donating to politicians to get what he wants(donated to Hillary)he doesn't have much of a record.
    Hillary on the other hand has held office and did nothing notable in a positive way.

    I believe in the “mama gut”.. and a woman who would stayed married to a man who was repeatedly accused of rape, a woman who did not defend a 12 year old child who was raped, a woman who it is claimed went after those women (affairs etc with her hubby)with a vengeance to make them stay quiet, a woman who stayed with a man who cheated(and from reports) continues to cheat, a woman who has been given opportunities beyond belief and still lies(not talking little lies, talking lies where hundreds of thousands could die type lies and pretty sure the average american voter has never had the opportunity to lie like that! ) a woman who is calculating and intelligent . When her hubby was in office America was horrified by her behavior, I suspect that it would be worse now. Maybe I am just that much older then you, but having a Clinton in office again? Worst possible thing that could happen. To be honest Trump is far from anyone I would want. But on a positive when he starts screwing things up? It will be a glorious and quick mess – we will all know about it. I will appreciate knowing about his corruption or mistakes while he is in office, over finding out 10 years later in classic political mafia style. When you know the clintons, bushes, and obama's all hang out for private dinners together- voting for hillary is voting to push us faster to 1 global power. I like America, I like having our own leaders.. answering to the feds is bad enough, do we want to a global ruler? A global ruling power? Not me. So I grit my teeth and play the chess game and vote for Trump and hope that slows the march to taking our freedoms. The only choice here is to see the big picture.

  2. Jillian on August 2, 2016 at 9:35 pm

    #imwithher for all the reasons you just said. She is not just the lesser of two evils, she is the only choice. Well said!!

  3. Amber on August 15, 2016 at 4:33 am

    Amen. I literally thought the entire thing was a complete joke when he announced his candidacy and I still keep waiting for him to say he's kidding. Because seriously. He can't possibly be elected president. Since hearing his speeches and his endless offensive comments, I'm even more shocked and disappointed that I have friends and family who would vote for such a disgusting human being.

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