Welcome 2011

2010 was a fantastic year, totally consumed by pregnancy and then all things Grayson. I am really looking forward to the new year and *cringe* have been thinking about some resolutions. I really didn’t want to do a New Years Resolution post, because making resolutions have become somewhat of a joke, because everyone knows no one keeps them past the first week in January. BUT, I’m hoping that maybe if I publish my resolutions for all the internet to see, I’ll have a better chance of keeping them. Hmm…we’ll see.

I’m not really going to get into a resolution about losing weight, because that’s everyone’s resolution and of course I would like to. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Resolution #1 : Home projects

My goal for this month, and maybe lasting into February, is to complete Grayson’s bathroom and playroom. The bathroom is finished except for some paintings I want to do. It’s a jungle theme and I had planned to complete it between September 21 and October 7. Well, a certain little mister kind of messed up those plans. The playroom is a disaster. It currently holds our huge stash of diapers, toys, books, pictures, and anything else baby that we don’t have a place for. I also want to paint some pictures for the wall, buy a bookshelf and some toy bins. Since we can’t leave toys out in the living room because of Hank, Grayson really needs this room to be organized.

Resolution #2 Food

I am a terrible cook, and I hate cooking. Actually I don’t mind the actual cooking, it’s the grocery shopping/planning part that I despise. But, I MUST get better at it. Ryan and I are both going to work at losing weight this year (eek, I mentioned it again) and I need to find some good, healthy recipes to prepare. I also want to learn to use coupons- I would love to be one of those people who gets $456 worth of groceries for $4.56. Maybe that can be my 2012 resolution, we’ll see.

Resolution #3 Time Management

I want to cut way back on TV watching, useless internet searching, and other things that just take up a lot of time. And I want to find some way to get a little more sleep!

Resolution #4 Relationships

I want to be a better wife, friend, and sister. I want to continue to grow closer to my mom. I want to make some new friends- hopefully some other mommies. I’ve signed Grayson and me up for some activities this spring, so hopefully those will help me with that endeavor.

Resolution #5 Fashion

I have got to get my clothes situation fixed- fast. It’s bad. Really bad.

So I think 5 resolutions is plenty for one year- especially when I’ve got a sweet little baby to distract me from doing anything more productive than cuddling him and kissing his sweet little cheeks. So there you go…internet, please hold me accountable ūüôā


  1. Traci on January 4, 2011 at 2:06 am

    #1 – Good luck#2 – I'll try to help you with recipes/ideas/cooking. And did you watch the Extreme Coupon show on TLC the other day? I told Kris that I wanted that to be me!#3 – come on, you can't give up tv, internet, and such….it's what helps keep you sane!#4 – I know you can do it!#5 – I'm with ya! I need help too.

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