100 Days

100 Days ago, I became a mommy. So in honor of Grayson being 100 days old, here are 100 things that I have learned and love…

  1. Giving birth wasn’t that bad. I know, slap me.
  2. I shouldn’t have sent my husband home our first night in the hospital- it was overwhelming.
  3. It was terrifying being on the freeway in the rain with my new baby on the way home from the hospital
  4. Sleep deprivation actually does cause hallucinations
  5. Holding my baby when he was less than 6 pounds was terrifying
  6. Watching other people hold my less than 6 pound baby was terrifying
  7. #7
  8. Now that Grayson is 10+ pounds, he “fits” better in my arms
  9. Breastfeeding is hard, and doesn’t always work out (future post about this coming)
  10. Pumping sucks.
  11. It was a surreal feeling riding in an ambulance with my 5 day old child
  12. Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite diaper, but they are also the most expensive
  13. I need lots of self control at Babies R Us and Target
  14. Sometimes I have to go to Babies R Us or Target just to get out of the house.
  15. Seeing my baby smile is one of the greatest joys in my life
  16. I couldn’t have survived these past 100 days without my mom
  17. Target brand formula is $10 cheaper/can and Grayson likes it just as much as the name brand formula
  18. The video baby monitor is crucial
  19. Baby socks are very difficult to keep on a baby’s feet



  21. Clipping Grayson’s nails is hard, but if I don’t, he scratches up his face at night
  22. Taking a rectal temperature is much easier than clipping a baby’s nails
  23. I love my baby’s hair
  24. I am amazed at how everyone is amazed by my baby’s hair
  25. I love how Grayson’ hair is soft and blond right after his bath
  26. Bath time is my favorite time of the day
  27. I now understand the need for the “Pee Pee Tepee”
  28. I haven’t bought any Pee Pee Teepees
  29. I’ve gotten peed on multiple times during diaper changes
  30. Babies fart a lot
  31. Grayson makes the funniest faces right after he’s done eating
  32. I think my hands are permanently pruned from washing bottles all day
  33. I am so grateful and blessed to be a stay at home mom



  35. I love going to work at Waggin’ Tails when I have the chance
  36. I do not miss teaching at all
  37. I feel sorry for Ryan that he doesn’t get to be with Grayson all day like I do
  38. I now kind of understand all those parents who think their kid is perfect
  39. My kid actually IS perfect
  40. I really hope my Grammie gets to meet Grayson in person some day
  41. I really want my brothers to have kids so Grayson gets some more cousins
  42. I really miss Grayson when I’m not with him
  43. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from Grayson



  45. I love watching Grayson fall asleep in his Daddy’s arms
  46. I really need to get back in shape
  47. I’m so excited about my new jogging stroller that I got for Christmas
  48. I have to eat meals really fast or I just don’t get to eat
  49. Pacifiers are wonderful things- I don’t care what anyone says
  50. Pacifiers fall out of baby’s mouth a lot
  51. Dogs like to chew on pacifiers
  52. I think Grayson is going to be a thumb sucker- he loves to chew and lick him hands



  54. Onesies are much more practical than regular shirts on babies
  55. Baby jammies with a million snaps are hard to work with at 3 AM in the dark when Grayson is screaming
  56. Crib sheets are very annoying to change
  57. Sleep sacks are great
  58. Diaper Genie refills are crazy expensive and I need them all the time
  59. I want to learn to knit so I can make cute hats and booties for Grayson
  60. It’s fun remembering all the silly kids’ songs from childhood
  61. The hours of 4-6 PM, depending on the day, are not good. Lots of crying, and tired mommy
  62. Grayson will sometimes sleep from 6:30- 11:30 PM (5 hour stretch) but NEVER from 11:30-4:30.
  63. I never thought I could go 99/100 nights without sleeping more than 3 hours at a stretch, but I can. (Thank you Hannah, Megan and Rebecca for that one wonderful night of sleep)
  64. I really like blogging about Grayson



  66. I hope my blogs aren’t boring to other people
  67. My dogs are still cute

  69. My dogs are wonderful with Grayson
  70. My dogs are driving me crazy
  71. My dogs actually survive being outside without me watching over them, and a lot of times that’s where they are now
  72. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping Grayson on my chest
  73. It’s easy to get carried away with worry about “milestones”
  74. I am not a “schedule-ly” mom
  75. Sometimes I feel guilty because we aren’t on a schedule
  76. There’s a lot of guilt that goes along with being a mom
  77. I love reading books to Grayson
  78. #62 and #63
  79. I wish Grayson wouldn’t cry when I read to him
  80. I love when Ryan sings to Grayson, even though the songs are ridiculous
  81. I think Grayson looks like both me and Ryan, but the most like my brother David
  82. I hope Grayson ends up with blue eyes like Ryan’s
  83. It’s crazy how much gear it takes to spend the night at Grammie’s
  84. One of the biggest blessings is having a fantastic photographer right in the family
  85. The best thing I did during pregnancy was buy a ton of diapers
  86. I am dreading the day we run out of our stash of diapers and I have to buy more
  87. Not all baby wipes are created equal
  88. Those water temperature rubber ducks are stupid



  90. Stick your hand in the bath water to see if it’s too hot
  91. I love that my dad loves Grayson so much
  92. Grayson is really, really cute
  93. I feel really, really not cute
  94. I’ve never been more grateful for good friends with listening ears
  95. I’m really, really tired all the time
  96. I miss being pregnant and feeling Grayson kick and move inside me
  97. I miss maternity jeans

  99. It’s nice to be able to drink alcohol and eat lunch meat again



  101. I’ve decided my next baby I won’t find out the gender


  103. I don’t want another baby for awhile
  104. I’ve learned that coming up with a list of 100 is hard

  106. It is awful when Grayson is screaming and I can’t make his bottle fast enough
  107. It is even more awful when he spits up an entire 4 ounce bottle after a feeding

  109. When I am up AGAIN with Grayson at 2 AM, I remind myself he won’t be a baby forever and I will miss cuddling with him at 2 AM

  111. I am amazed that 1 year ago, I wasn’t even pregnant yet, and now I have a 3 month old.



  113. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think that we are raising a child, not just taking care of a baby

  115. I’m so excited to learn what Grayson is going to be into and be good at

  117. I’ve had lots of interruptions while writing this list, as I have interruptions with everything I do now
  118. I love, love, love this baby and I love being a mommy




  1. Erin on December 31, 2010 at 3:39 am

    Beautiful. You are so creative, loved reading your list. What a great 100 days!

  2. basebell6 on December 31, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    awwh, happy 100 days! i dont miss teaching either; did you quit altogether or are you on leave? i have that decision to make! and i really hate pumping too; the breastpump is like my #1 enemy.

  3. The Bakers on December 31, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    No, I'm done for good- at least for now. Hooray!

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