Thank You

Last Thursday, Grayson’s nurse was with him all day and they went out for a few hours, as they often do. They went to her apartment for a few minutes, and when they got back to the car, Grayson’s iPad and headphones had been stolen.

His nurse was of course stunned and horrified, so she and Grayson trekked to the police station to make a report. Being without his Veggie Tales, he started getting very agitated, so his nurse started singing to him, and she said the cops joined in to calm him down- ha! Unfortunately, there wasn’t much the police could do, and I was dumb enough not to have the iPad backed up on the cloud to be able to track it, nor did I have insurance on it (huge lesson learned). G’s nurse felt horrible, and even started to order him a new iPad on her phone (we stopped her).

The next day, we were so humbled by the many, many people who wanted to help us replace the stolen items. Since so many people were asking, and I’ve learned that people really do want to help when they offer, I set up a donation account. I’ll admit, I felt uncomfortable doing this, because I in no way wanted to seem like I was asking for or expecting people to give us money.

We were overwhelmed with the love and support people showed to our family. I fully realize that a stolen iPad is a first-world problem, and this was not a horribly tragic event in the grand scheme of things. However, Grayson’s Veggie Tales, YouTube videos, and the few apps he is able to play with are some of the few things in his life that keep him calm, happy, and occupied. He can’t play with toys, run around, or even watch regular TV. That iPad was a huge loss for him.

We were given more than enough money to replace the iPad, case, and headphones. I’ve ordered Grayson wireless headphones that will hopefully stay on his head better than the ones he had before (we actually bought him some on Saturday but they were too big for him so I had to order the child size). I also got insurance for the new iPad and put Find My iPhone on it.

To those who gave us money, several of whom we don’t even know, thank you so, so much. Ryan and I are so grateful for your generosity and you have blessed us tremendously. I know God will reward your generosity with huge blessings. And look how happy you made this little guy…


  1. Esperanza on July 8, 2014 at 1:34 am

    How amazing! I wish I had know about the donation account–I would have contributed! I'm so glad his iPad has been restored. That is wonderful. People really are awesome.

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