All I want for Christmas is…a smile

Just to see you smile
I’d do anything
That you wanted me to
And all is said and done
I’d never count the cost
It’s worth all that’s lost
Just to see you smile

-Tim McGraw

Grayson is a “serious baby”. He takes in his world with an inquisitive look on his face, and I can tell he takes the time to process what he sees. This seriousness and contemplative nature will hopefully serve him well in the future- maybe he’ll think twice before he copies off his neighbor’s spelling test in 3rd grade, or takes a cigarette at a party in high school, or blows his first real paycheck on a giant TV. But whatever about the future- he’s almost 3 months old and has yet to crack a smile! Sure, he smiles in his sleep or when he has gas, but he hasn’t looked into my eyes (or anyone else’s) and let go with a big, toothless grin. Sigh.

I know I shouldn’t be worried, or sad, but sometimes I am. So that’s what I want for Christmas…just a smile.

I know, maybe he’d smile if I didn’t put him in such ridiculous hats!


  1. Erin on December 8, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    Love that pic!!! It will come…and it will melt your heart when it does…maybe you should visit Santa and he can put in a good word with the little guy? :o)

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