Why It's a Good Thing My Kid is a Boy: Reason 2

Reason 2: The Activities

I know this is in contradiction to my obsession with baby girl clothes- frills, bows, tutus, tights…but I really don’t like girly “activities”. I never took ballet as a child, and never had any desire to. I don’t like putting on makeup or doing my hair-I do it every day I like how I feel/look when I’m done, but the process is not enjoyable to me in the slightest. I love clothes, but shopping stresses me out. I was in a fashion show (with Hank and Izzy) on Friday, something that was TOTALLY out of my element. I’m glad I did it and it was actually pretty fun, but I dreaded doing it up until the moment I walked across the stage. I’m so glad I grew up and we are in a time where girls playing sports is normal and cool- growing up my comfort zone was in the dugout rather than a dance recital.

I don’t think I will make a good “girly girl” mom. Cheerleading, dance, drill team- so not my thing (sorry, greatest sister in the world Rebecca!). Basically anything that requires moms to dress and apply makeup to their daughters before the actual activity scares the $#%^ out of me! So if I have a girl someday, let’s home she’s more tomboy than ballerina!

I want Grayson to do whatever makes him happy and whatever he’s passionate about. That being said- I really hope he plays sports, at least while he’s little. I’m really looking forward to little league baseball games the most, but I think soccer and football will be fun to watch him play too. And yes, I know little kids’ sports are highly competitive and the parents can be psychotic, but I think I’m better equipped to deal with a dad screaming at an umpire than I am a mom threatening to sue the school district because her baby didn’t make cheerleader.

Another example- birthday parties. Playing laser tag with all your friends and then having pizza after- SO FUN. Having 3 pounds of makeup applied to your face and a bottle of glitter poured on your hair before you walk around the mall with your tween posse- bleh. See? Boy mom here.

Disclaimer: I don’t want anyone to think I am close-minded or have completely rigid gender role expectations for my kids. If Grayson wants to dance, cheerlead, put glitter in his hair,  or not play sports and that’s what makes him blissfully happy, I will fully support that and I will be at every competition and recital. However, THIS will not be happening at our house!

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