Letters to Nolan: Two and A Half


Dear Nolan,

Happy half birthday to my silly, handsome guy! Today you are two and a half, but you have been “correcting” me all day saying you are five and a half. You want to do everything Charlotte does, so it’s no surprise you want to be her age too.


Nolan, you are in a sweet spot right now. You are in one of my favorite stages- you are talking in paragraphs (no more guessing what you want!), can follow most directions, and are starting to do more “big kid” things. I no longer have to hover over you at the playground- you want to go “Higher! Higher!” on a regular swing. You are sleeping in a big boy bed, like to listen to picture book stories (not just board books anymore). And you are just so, so cute and funny right now. My favorite story from the past week is when I tousled your hair and said “Hi Little Guy” and you very indignantly said, ” I am NOT a little guy. I’m Nolan. I’M A MAN.”


As independent and opinionated as you are becoming, you are still really sensitive. You love to be held, cuddled and reassured. Your daddy or I still rock and sing to you before bed. When something scares you, you let us know and want to be held tightly. You give the best hugs and high fives.


As I said before,  you want to do everything Charlotte does. This both delights and annoys her.  You spend half your time carrying around princesses and wearing your sister’s pink shoes, and the other half playing with your trucks and turning sticks into weapons. You also love Grayson and lately, have been so sweet to him. You’ll hug and kiss him when he gets home from school, and one of the highlights of your day is “helping” him off the school bus.


Nolan, you are such a sweet, busy, precious part of our family. I love you so much and am  already loving two and a half!




  1. Barbara Bobbie Fisher on March 3, 2018 at 1:32 am

    I love this, Elizabeth. so refreshing to READ about your pictures and Big Man Nolan. He is just darling!!!
    Blessings to all of you!!! I miss you!! Bobbie

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