Letters to Charlotte: 5 Years Old


Dear Charlotte,

Happy Birthday! You are now a whole hand! This birthday has been much anticipated; we have been talking about you being 5 and your birthday for months now. We celebrated you with a unicorn-themed party with your whole school class and a few close friends at your favorite kids gym. You are most looking forward to this coming year because 5 is the age you get to go to Kindergarten- and now that countdown has begun!

Charlotte, at 5 years old, you are sugar and spice, stubborn, confident in what you want, but also tenderhearted and sensitive. You play hard, and rough, but also love delicate, beautiful things. You love to create, and spend hours each day at the kitchen table, drawing, coloring, and fastening things together. You love to write words, and I’ve never spelled out so many things in my life. You have really good number sense, and I hope that math is something you will love in school rather than struggle with.


You have definite tastes when it comes to, well, everything. We made it through the first few years of your life without you having much an opinion about clothes, but all that has changed. I pick my battles most of the time now, as you develop your own sense of style and autonomy about your appearance. You love music, and have a special love of early 90’s pop. You love bread, fruit and cheese, and only eat meat very reluctantly. Let’s just not even talk about vegetables.


Right after Christmas, you decided you didn’t like being upstairs all by yourself and chose to move in with Nolan and share a room with him. We got your bunkbeds and it’s worked out very well. You have always wanted to be close to your people, and sleeping is no exception. You and Nolan are quite the pair- best frenemies. The love you two share is intense, and leads to intense interactions all day long. We’re working on it. You love Grayson, but still struggle with questions about him and how he fits into your world.


Admittedly,  you and I butt heads a lot. I love you so so much but you also make me incredibly frustrated at times. I struggle with disciplining you but at the same time having a lot of grace for your big emotions. You bring up big emotions in me too, and we are both trying to figure out to handle those emotions in the context of our relationship.

Charlotte, you are beautiful, smart, funny and have so much potential to change the world. I have so much hope for you, and I hope this year is the best yet. Five!




Photo Cred:: Nbarrett Photography


  1. Brittnie on February 5, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    She is so beautiful!!! Love that first pic of the two of you.

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