#NaBloPoMo Day 4: My 30 Day Challenge Project

I turned 38 years old last month. I’m not big on birthdays at all, especially my own. However, it does feel fairly significant that I have just one more birthday left in my 30s, and turning 40 in a few years feels even more significant.

When my birthday came around on the 13th, I was 2 weeks in to a 30 day goal I set for myself (more on this later), and realized that a 30 day timeframe really works for me. I did a Whole30 back in June, and now this 30 day thing- both were challenging, but doable. So I had the idea of doing a series of 24 30-day challenges, one for each month until I turn 40. In my head, I’m calling it The 30-Day Challenge, but if anyone has a better or more creative name, I’m all ears.

So basically, I’ve made a list of habits I want to change or practices I want to make habits before I turn 40. None of them are super-difficult or life-altering in and of themselves, but hopefully collectively they will make a significant impact on my life. I don’t have 24 yet, but here’s my running list:

30 Days of Screen Free Kids: Ok, so this is the one I was in the middle of when I got the idea for the whole project. We’re actually on Day 38 of this one, because I have no immediate plans to stop it. I’m not going to write a lot about this one today, because an article I did write on it was picked up by Scary Mommy and will be published at the end of the month on their site, and I’ll link to it then (definitely with some updates).

30 Days of Writing: I’m doing #NaBloPoMo right now, and also writing and editing for Houston Moms Blog.

30 Days of Healthy Eating: My goal on this one is to do another (modified) Whole30. I found Whole30 a lot easier than I expected for the majority of the meals- the ones I ate at home. But going out with friends…womp womp. I hope to be really strict on the plan at home/taking lunch to work, but not be so strict when out at social events.

30 Days of Exercise: No idea what this will actually entail yet, but I’m hoping to make exercise a part of my life again at some point in the next 2 years

30 Days of Handwritten Letters: I’m going to send letters to people for 30 days actually written on paper and sent via snail mail.

30 Days of Selling: The next two go together. I’m going to try and sell something on FB every day for a month, and save all the money for the next challenge

30 Days of Fashion and Beauty: My wardrobe is pitiful, and I spend hardly anything on beauty products. I want to use the money I make selling crap we don’t need to treat myself (and maybe look a little better in the process). 30 days is definitely going to be expensive for this one, so I’ll have to get creative.

30 Days of Kindness/Hospitality: After spoiling myself, I’m going to spend a month giving to others and having people over (which makes me really anxious, but I’ll work on that).

30 Days of Reading: And by this, I mean actual books.

30 Days of Organizing: I’ll pick one room or area a day. Maybe I should do this one before the selling month so I can purge stuff to sell.

30 Days of Making My Bed: This one may be too lame to do by itself, or could be done on a month to give myself a break. But I always read that making the bed is a habit of successful people, and I wish that I could remember to do it.

That’s all I have so far, but I think that will take me almost to my next birthday. If you have any other ideas for me, please share!

Hopefully by the end of this project, I’ll be 40 and a little more fabulous!


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