#NaBloPoMo Day 1: Here I Go Again

Is NaBloPoMo still a thing? I can’t find any information on it; I wonder if BlogHer dropped it. Well, in any case, a few weeks ago I committed to myself to write every day this month, like I did last year. So here goes…

(I’m already hitting a wall less than 50 words in because hello, it’s Game 7 of the World Series and the team I’ve been watching play for over 30 years is thisclose to their first ever WS championship. I’m a little distracted).

Last November was my first NaBloPoMo, and it was a challenging, fulfilling, yet painful month. I imagine this month might be more of the same, although having a few posts go viral as well as a few more published by a popular parenting site has toughened up my skin for conflict and negative comments.

But I love, love, love to write and I love to dialogue with people who read my writing. I’m thinking about mapping out and scheduling my posts this time, to try to avoid some of the panic of opening up my computer at 7:00 pm every night with no ideas for a post.

Some of my post ideas so far are:

  1. A 2-year project I’ve started for myself, because I have 2 years until I turn 40 (eek).
  2. The first month of my 2 year project- what it was, and what I learned
  3. A recap of the Moxie Matters tour with Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman (going to this tomorrow!)
  4. Update on my struggles with my faith and the church
  5. Podcast episodes that have impacted me and that I want everyone to listen to
  6. Going back to work part time and how we are adjusting as a family
  7. My thoughts on “work” and what counts as work
  8. Blogging about Grayson and how I feel about sharing his story now that he’s getting older
  9. My continued frustrations and fight with our healthcare system and some of the battles we are fighting right now.
  10. Politics (I’m sure 45 or my favorite VP will give me something rant-worthy this month- haha)

Any other ideas for me? Anything you want to know?

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. One down, 29 to go.


  1. Mrs T on November 2, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Looking forward to it all but definitely #8. That’s another reason my blogging has slowed. Haven’t figured out the right balance!

  2. Brittnie on November 3, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    I’m so hit or miss with reading blogs, but would love to hear about all of these on your list!!

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