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Well, we moved a week ago! We are back in Katy, and are so, so grateful and happy. In just a week, I have realized just how unhappy I was in our old house. Not to sound ungrateful, because so many have so much less, but it just wasn’t a good place for our family. Now, we have a big backyard, play room for the kids, and everyone has their own room. Amazing. Last week, we had this installed. Charlotte was having a hard time with leaving her “brown house” so we let her name it. I give you…Pony Park. Worth.Every.Penny. (And it was a lot of pennies).

This is the perfect time of year to hang outside, and we are making up for the last 3 years not having any outdoor space. 

Speaking of the backyard, we met with some volunteers from Make A Wish Foundation yesterday because Grayson is eligible for a Wish. We’ve considered his Wish for a long time now, and since he can’t verbally wish for anything, we have to request for him. A dream vacation would have been amazing, but we weren’t sure how amazing it would be for him. So instead, we thought about what he really loves, which is being with his family and being outside. So we wished for a covered space for him in the backyard where he can be close to us, but still out of the heat. I’m really excited to see what Grayson receives. He deserves it. 

This move has been 99% positive and such a great thing for our family, but we are incredibly sad and somewhat anxious that Grayson won’t be attending the Caroline School next year. He’s been at the school for four years now, and we adore the school, his teachers, and his therapists. But, it’s just too far for me to keep making the drive day after day. It was too far from our old house and it’s WAY too far from the new one. Right now, the plan is to try public school next year (he’ll be in kindergarten…what??!). To be honest, I’m incredibly nervous about this, but I’m praying for some incredible teachers and for G to thrive in his new school.

Charlotte will also be attending a new preschool next year, but I’m not so much worried about her transition. She loves any type of “school” environment and I think she will be just fine. We are still really struggling with her attitude towards Grayson. It did get better for a few weeks, but she’s back to her old antics. None of my tactics are working, so after consulting with my counselor, I’ve decided to get some professional help for her. I meet with a play therapist this week and I’m assuming Charlotte will start seeing her after that. 

I’m super excited that a few weeks ago, I was asked to be a contributor for Houston Moms Blog! I love to write, and this is an opportunity to write for a larger audience as well as collaborate with other amazing moms in this city. I’ll be sure to link here when I have a post published!

Big changes happening, but most of them good and a positive step forward for our family. I’m looking forward to life slowing down some, and lots of afternoons spent outside with these little people!


  1. Down On The Farm on April 5, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Hooray for you on the move!!! And for being asked to write!! Awesome changes for you and your family! I'm certain BOTH kids will be fine in their new school. And yes, the outdoor area will be awesome, for Grayson and for everyone else. Blessings to you sweet lady! I'm still praying for Grayson!!!

  2. Courtney on April 6, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    Great news! Congrats on the more!

    Matthew sees a play therapist every week because of his negative attitude. It helps A LOT. I am hopeful you'll see big changes!

  3. Donna F on April 7, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    I'm delurking because I'm so excited about the wish for Grayson! I can't wait to see what he ends up with. Praying that the transition to the new schools works out for both of them.

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