SO WHAT Wednesday- Again

SO WHAT that I haven’t written a post since last week’s SWW?

SO WHAT that we were so tired of toddler antics  tonight that dinner consisted of pizza and beer in front of the TV…and yes, we wheeled the toddler in her highchair into the living room to eat her pizza with us.

SO WHAT that Charlotte completely wears me out and makes me crazy with her deranged behavior spirited enthusiasm, but then goes and does stuff like this…swoon.

SO WHAT that I was giggling yesterday that I had one of my most commented-on Facebook posts ever when I asked for travel tips for this weekend- we are taking Charlotte on her first plane ride and I was a tad nervous (Charnado in the skies? Yikes). Ya’ll are passionate about your toddler entertainment ideas (and I so appreciate it- going shopping for snacks and stickers tomorrow!)

SO WHAT if I’m kind of in love with afternoon screen time right now. As I mentioned last week, the discovery of the month is that there is something other than Veggie Tales that can entertain Grayson! So now we have our afternoon routine: put him in the stander, start the YouTube playlist of these goofy videos, children become zombies for 30 minutes and I’m able to play on my phone do something productive uninterrupted. And yesterday, G actually stayed in his stander for an entire hour- wow!


SO WHAT if the cuteness of these two just kills me. They are ON A MISSION. Yesterday was the first day of Bible study and Charlotte goes to the childcare, which she loves. When I asked her in the morning if she was excited about it I got a very dramatic “NOOOOOOoooooooo!” Well, what do you want to do today? “Theo”. Yep- her cousins have her whole heart.

SO WHAT that I am so, so glad G’s nurse is back from her trip to Africa. So glad. She is so good to Grayson, he loves her, and things just run more smoothly when she’s around.

SO WHAT that Grayson had a GI appointment this morning and even after cutting back the rate on his feeds a few months ago, his BMI is still too high because of his inactivity so we are going to have to cut back again. And fine, whatever, but it’s still so strange to me to be worried about him weighing too much rather than too little. However, when I pick him up, my back tells me otherwise.

SO WHAT if tomorrow is September 11, and besides being September 11, it’s two years ago that Grayson was diagnosed with Leigh’s. And I’m not sure what I’m feeling about that yet. Maybe I’ll try and figure it out and write about it tomorrow.

What are you saying SO WHAT about today?


  1. Allison Allen on September 11, 2014 at 1:48 am

    I'm praying for you Elizabeth. Grayson was blessed beyond measure when God gave him you for a Momma. And your precious baby boy knows that too 🙂

    Here's my SO WHAT: Dan's out of town, Ashley has a double ear infection and isn't letting anyone sleep sooooo Izzy had frozen yogurt for dinner!!!!

  2. dspence on September 11, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Continuing prayers for all. Yesterday started bible study again for us, too, and it's just so good to be back! (SO WHAT that Aaron screamed in nursery the entire time and I had to rescue him before lecture.)

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