Great Weekend

We had the best weekend! It was busy, and yet I still got to take a nap both Saturday and Sunday- I honestly don’t think that’s happened since I’ve had two kids! The weekend was the perfect blend of busyness and relaxation. Saturday, we spent the morning at the zoo, napped in the afternoon, and then Ryan and I went to dinner and a concert with some friends. Today was church and more napping.

We were up not-so-bright and early Saturday morning to head to the zoo for the Easter Seals Walk with Me. Grayson’s school is a part of the Houston Easter Seals organization and G was chosen to be an “Ambassador” for the walk. Basically that meant our family wore different colored t-shirts than the rest of the crowd and Grayson was introduced by a local news anchor and was part of the ribbon cutting.

We were one of four Ambassador families. Grayson got his Hensinger collar (the blue thing around his neck) last week and he seems so much more comfortable when he’s wearing it. It really supports his head/neck and his head doesn’t flop around so much.

Group photo of some of the families and teachers at G’s school. We love, love, love the Caroline School!

Sweet siblings posing at the giraffe exhibit. Since the walk was early in the morning, before the zoo actually opened, we didn’t see many animals. We did get to watch the giraffes eat their breakfast, which was fun.

My handsome guy. Oh, my heart. His nurse told me this weekend that Grayson is the perfect guy: he’s handsome, he loves God, and he doesn’t complain -ha ha!

This girl- ha!

Grayson with his sweet teachers. We love these ladies so much!

At the end of the walk route, there was an “after party” with a band, games for the kids, and food. I tried to take a picture before Charlotte shoved 2 donut holes in her mouth- too late! And yes, she polished off the breakfast taco too.

Before we left, we stopped by the elephant exhibit.

When we got home from the walk, Ryan went and got the mail and there was a letter for Grayson from our insurance company. We get these all the time updating us on coverage for nursing, therapies, etc. so I didn’t think it was going to be anything exciting. I almost couldn’t believe it when I read that Grayson has been APPROVED for a wheelchair! We’ve been waiting for months for this decision and were fully expecting insurance to deny us and that we would have to move to Medicaid (who we weren’t sure would approve it either since they covered the medical stroller not even two years ago). We are so, so excited and grateful that G will now get a chair that will better support him. I hope this means it will be ordered quickly and we will have it sooner rather than later!

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend as well!


  1. Erin on April 28, 2014 at 2:53 am

    What a great weekend indeed! I'm so glad it was a happy one!

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