Spring Break

Grayson is on Spring Break this week. He was in the hospital half of last week (while school was still in session) and Ryan was on break last week as well. We time things really well in this family, obviously.

Anyway, is it really only Tuesday? Because this Spring “Break” feels exactly the opposite of a break to me. We’ve actually spent a good chunk of the past two days out of the house. When I take both kids anywhere by myself, it mostly feels impossibly difficult, but impossibly difficult actually beats staying home and going stir crazy, so out we go.

Yesterday, I took Grayson to PT and Charlotte tagged along. The PT gym is a huge room filled with balls, toys, and things to climb on. We told Charlotte to go and have fun. She wasn’t impressed- she preferred pulling Kleenex out of the box and attempting to steal the therapist’s evaluation paperwork, pen and cell phone.

Today, we went to Bible study, which is our normal Tuesday routine. Charlotte goes to the nursery, but I figured Grayson could tag along with me and listen to his headphones; I thought, he’ll be fine. Ha. We sat in the back, and soon the other ladies’ chairs blocked us in. Grayson made it through prayer requests until he got agitated and pukey. During the entire very, very long prayer, he gagged and whined while I said my own prayer that he would at least hold the vomit in until “Amen”. Finally, we were able to escape, and spent the next 30 minutes or so outside, singing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was actually pretty perfect- it’s not often I get to spend alone time with my sweet boy.

Because the weather was so beautiful today (finally!) my sister in law and I made plans to walk with the kids at Rice University, which we do fairly often. It’s a whole big production to get over there and get the kids loaded and comfortable in the double stroller. After a ridiculously long ordeal of adjusting straps, getting snacks, music, and puke rags ready, we start toward the track. But oh hey, why is the stroller so lopsided? Answer: Flat tire. Seriously? Oh well, who needs exercise and sunshine anyway? We had a lovely little playdate at Baby Theo’s house instead. You can see my children are prim and proper at all times. Yikes.

Tomorrow Grayson has PT again and we have an afternoon play date, Thursday a play date, and Friday G sees his Mito specialist. Yes, I use my friends and Grayson’s doctors to save me from Spring Break. Kidding- sort of.

And just for fun- I have to post this video- it’s short and sweet but I think it might be my favorite ever. Charlotte has a favorite new word, and I think it’s the sweetest little word from the sweetest little girl. (Listen close).

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