Small World

I don’t normally use the phrase, “It’s a God thing” but what happened yesterday just might qualify…

We walked into the neurologist’s office and a woman held the door open for me so I could get in easily with G and his tube. She was there with her son, who was in a wheelchair. I checked in at the window and I was told I owed a $50 copay. Our specialist copay has always been $40, so I questioned it. The woman made the comment that the same thing had just happened to her. Turns out, we have the same insurance company, so we made small talk on how ridiculous insurance was, blah, blah. (I have no idea why I had to pay $50 and not $40, but whatever. I’ll deal with that later).

Our conversation then turned to our kids. She mentioned her son, who is 12, used to have a G tube so she understood what we were going through. We talked about seizures, and surgeries, and how hard it is to be a special needs parent. She assured me it gets easier as you learn to accept it, but how no one prepares you for having anything other than a normal, healthy child. She asked if Grayson was our only child, and shared that after 6 years, she had another baby and how good it was that her older son has a sibling. She was so open, honest, and kind. Just before her son was called back, she took out a card and a pen and wrote down her name and number for me, and told me to call her anytime. So nice.

Later that night as we were getting ready for bed, I am telling this story to Ryan. He had a funny look on his face when I told him the name of the woman’s son and how the boy became disabled. I knew that one of the coaches that Ryan words with has a special needs son with the same name as this boy, but for some reason I thought that child was only 5 or 6. No, Ryan said, he’s about 12. I went and got the card out of my wallet and turned it to the front. There on the front, was the name of the coach Ryan works with! We couldn’t believe it. I had heard so much about this coach and what a wonderful family man he is, and how if he ever got a head job Ryan would love to work under him because he respects him and his character so much. And Ryan knows his wife and has talked to her many times. I had heard all about their son and what they had gone through, but I had never met them and just didn’t make the connection.

Pretty amazing, yes?

***Grayson is doing SO MUCH better today. He played in his excersaucer, ate dropped crackers on the floor for the dogs in his highchair, and we even got out of the house for a few hours. Fingers crossed this nightmare may be almost over!

Taken this morning- hooray!


  1. Anonymous on February 3, 2012 at 1:10 am

    What a story! Made me cry. You are doing such a great job with Grayson. He is lucky to have you for his momma. I am so glad that he is feeling better. Enjoy everyday with him.Love you!BJ Maddox

  2. Jillian Moller on February 3, 2012 at 1:59 am

    WoW! God does amazing things. So glad to see G man looking so good! Love you guys!

  3. basebell6 on February 3, 2012 at 2:23 am

    I agree, no such things as coincidences and soo awesome God brought you two together today. I love Grayson is smiling today; I didn't comment on your post yesterday, but it was that one that made me cry. You guys have been through so much you deserve a break and a smiling kid!

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