I Just Don't Have Time For You

No, not YOU. I will always make time for the sweet friends who read my blog and offer so much support. YOU are not who I am talking about.

We’ve got a lot going on right now. The approaching holiday season, 5 doctors appointments in the next 3 weeks (including genetics on Thursday), several therapy sessions a week, a high maintenance baby with a feeding tube, and a trip to North Carolina and Georgia next week. I’m also trying to fit in working from home, several painting orders, time with my husband, and time with friends.

But, if you are one of the following, so sorry, but I just don’t have time to mess with you right now.

  • My depressed dog. Hank, really? Everyone knows how much I love you and think you really are the coolest dog ever, but I cannot deal with your depression anymore. I KNOW we left you for two weeks, but it’s not like we were vacationing in the Caribbean.  We were in the hospital with your very sick little brother. And hello, when we do leave you, it’s at your favorite place on earth, other than your Dad’s leather chair. And I KNOW things are tense at home a lot of the time now, but your parents are adjusting to our “new normal” too, not just you. Please stop eating diapers- it’s not only disgusting but we do not have the time or the funds to take you to an emergency vet (well, let’s face it, or the regular vet). And please stop counter surfing, refusing to eat your dog food, destroying your brother’s toys, and pacing instead of going to sleep at night. I love you, but I do not have time to deal with your mental state right now.

  • The Drivers Licence Office. I tried. A sweet friend offered to watch Grayson today while I schlepped down there to renew my licence that expired a month ago. I pulled up and the line was literally wrapped around the building- at least a 4 hour wait. What mom has 4 hours to wait in a line with a mob of people who either look like they just escaped from prison or live under a bridge somewhere? Where are all the normal people- am I the only one who has to get her licence renewed? (And yes, I looked into doing it online. Since I did it online last time, this time I have to go in person- of course.). So WHO KNOWS when I will be a legal driver again.

  • People who send unhelpful text messages. Grayson’s home health nurse, who we have met once, was sick last Friday so she didn’t come. Fine. Really we don’t need her at all- we can go to the pediatrician during the week if we have an issue with the tube. So I get a text message from her this afternoon: “hi elizabeth, I’m still sick…flu! I don’t want to share with Grayson. I will call u when I’m well. if needed can continue to go to ER for replacement.” Yes, that’s SO HELPFUL since every time we go to the ER it’s $350! Thanks for the tip. Sheesh.

Disclaimer: Notice I can only come up with three real annoyances in my life right now? I am loving all the “Thankful” posts on Facebook and blogs this week- and have so much to be thankful for right now that I admit I’m a little overwhelmed by the kindness of people and am kind of at a loss of how to express my thankfulness appropriately. Am definitely planning a “thankful” post or two in the coming week, but tonight I just wanted to vent a little! Thanks.


  1. Erin on November 15, 2011 at 5:14 am

    You are witty even when annoyed. Wait until December and we can stand in line at the DMV together, because pretty sure I did on line last time…oh heavens, only place worse to stand in line in the social security office!!!!

  2. Anonymous on November 16, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Ha! Maybe schedule Grayson's next play date at the Drivers License place and get two things accomplished at once? 🙂 Or take him when he is cranking and crying really loud and you may get sent to the front of the line by the others just to have some quiet while they wait! 🙂 Take Hank too he would enjoy an outing! Can't wait to read about that fun event! – Bridget

  3. jjiraffe on November 17, 2011 at 5:58 am

    The thing about your dog cracked me up. I hope Hank becomes less depressed: is there such a thing as doggie prozac? Good luck with all of your upcoming appointments and projects. Sounds like you are juggling a lot.

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