Oh my goodness, my life has gotten busy the past few weeks! I can’t complain- lots of really good things happening, but I sure am missing my down-time too! I thought this summer was going to be full of “free” time because Ryan was home-well, it turned out to be exactly the opposite. We have been go, go, go since the beginning of June. Starting this coming week, we should be back to somewhat of a schedule, but I don’t see things getting less busy- sigh. Here’s what’s going on.

  • I’ve been working a few days a week and most weekends this summer. Grayson has been staying home with Ryan while I work, which Ryan has called Daddy Boot Camp. I decided a few weeks ago that I’m going to try to continue working 2 days a week when Ryan goes back to work (this week). I love my job, and we could sure use the money. Grayson will be going to a little daycare on the same street as my job (literally, I can get there in 30 seconds or less). He starts tomorrow. I really hope it will be a good thing for both of us- I can continue working at a job I love, and Grayson can get some interaction and stimulation from someone other than me.

  • We are having Grayson evaluated this week by a physical therapist. So, there’s a good possiblity he will have 4 therapists now. I’m a little nervous about this because we’ll have 4 therapists and 3 available days for therapy. Plus, I still want to do Bible study at church this fall and of course have playdates with our friends. I’m wondering how in the world we are going to fit it all in!

  • Grayson’s eating continues to be a source of stress. The latest- he’s decided he no longer likes formula. Or isn’t hungry for formula. Or something. All I know is the kid sleeps 12-13 hours at night and wakes up and drinks 2 ounces. And then every few hours, drinks another 2. What’s up with that?! I’ve come up with a super high calorie, yummy concoction that quite possibly could be filling him up. His “porridge” (which I love to call it about 100 times a day because it drives Ryan nuts) is oatmeal, goat milk, yogurt, almond butter, and bananas. Trust me, it’s delicious. And miraculously, Grayson loves it. But I’m still confused as to what’s more important at this point- the 30 ounces of formula he’s supposed to be drinking (he drank maybe 10 today- oy) or the 3 meals of high calorie solids he’s supposed to be eating. Because it’s not all happening. We are being referred to ECI’s dietician, so hopefully we can meet with her soon and get this all sorted out. And hopefully she won’t tell me to give my baby butter.

  • As I wrote about before, I’m trying to restart my painting business. I really want to get into ceramic plates, as well as continue doing canvas. But, as mentioned above, finding the time to do it is going to be a challenge. I do have a few orders this week (yay!) so I’ll be breaking out the paints tomorrow night!

So, mostly really good things are happening in life right now. I just don’t want to get so  busy that life just whizzes by. Before Grayson, that’s how I always felt about life. When he arrived, in some ways, life slowed way down, and I spent the majority of my time just soaking in and enjoying my baby. I just want to be careful that I still allow for plenty of time to do that. Because this little mess will always be my top priority!


  1. Sarah on July 18, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Aww… I'm going to call him Little Bear while he gobbles up his porridge!

  2. Erin on July 18, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Hope work was great today!! Love his "porridge" mixture, glad he likes it. So sorry that he is not loving the formula, hope the dietitian can help…I am really not sure which is more important, but it does seem like a lot to fit in all that formula and all that food in a 12 hour day.

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