Food, Diapers and Confessions

Grayson has eaten THREE solid food meals in a row! He loves….wait for it…pear yogurt mixed with sweet potatoes- cold, out of the refridgerator. And it should have been so obvious what he would like, since pear yogurt and sweet potatoe is such a compatible combination and this child acts like I’m poisoning him if his bottle isn’t at the perfect warm temperature.
And I have a confession- in desperation to get him to eat something, anything- last week at Walmart I bought pretty much every kind of baby food on the shelf, including pear yogurt. Off the shelf. Not refridgerated. How does that work? Yogurt that doesn’t have to be refridgerated can’t be great for you. But I give myself points because the sweet potatoes are organic. He’ll live.

And because what goes in must eventually come out, I’ve been changing quite a few dirty diapers. Which brings me to the topic of diapers. Several of you have asked me why we’ve switched to cloth. Here’s my second confession: when it comes to diapers, I could care less about saving the earth (not that I’m opposed to the earth being saved). I do, however care about saving money, and that my kid is cute, which basically are the two superficial reasons why G is now sporting a fluffy bootie. Plus, it’s good that he’s not being exposed to the 43,567 chemicals that are in disposables, but let’s be honest, I’ll give my kid yogurt off a Walmart shelf, so who am I trying to fool?

I read several blogs of women who cloth diaper, including Esperanza’s, and I always thought, great for them, but NO THANKS! Then I met Sarah in real life and watched her actually diaper her son and it looked so easy. So thanks to her mentoring and answering my million questions, we are now saving money and looking cute! So yes, I am a Cloth Diaper Doubting Thomas. I have to see, not just read your fabulous blog, to believe.

Which brings me to another topic- the name Thomas. I LOVE the name Thomas for a little boy. In fact-Confession #3- if I had it totally my way, Grayson most likely would be named Thomas. I talk to Grayson all the time about his future little brother Thomas and Ryan just rolls his eyes (he is not a fan of the name). But I did get him to agree that if we can’t have a human child named Thomas that our next bloodhound could be Thomas. But that would require actually getting another bloodhound someday. And the idea of that just makes me tired, and jealous of my son who sleeps about 15 hours a day.

In fact, Grayson has been asleep now for about an hour, so my get-stuff-done-around-the-house time is probably more than 1/3 gone. And yes, I really do have a lot to get done today- I’m having a Farewell Oprah party tomorrow because 1.If I watched Oprah tomorrow by myself I would probably bawl my eyes out (yes, I’m that person who is very sad the TOWS is not returning) and 2. When I was watching the Royal Wedding the thought occurred to me that it would have been fun to have a viewing party. And I like Oprah more than the royals, sorry. So back to my point- I have a lot of shoving stuff in closets so people won’t see our junk cleaning to do. So I better get to it, because once that little monkey wakes up, he might be hungry. Good thing there’s plenty of pear yogurt preserving very nicely in the pantry.


  1. Erin on May 24, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    You are so funny, and this was very well written. So glad you found something he likes to eat, whoo hoo! Glad cloth diapers are working out, and I agree they sure are cute!

  2. Sarah on May 24, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    Yay for fluffy bums and throwing stuff in closets! I love that we have the same cleaning method. And don't question the flavors of baby foods – today I bought L a Yobaby three-in-one meal that is yogurt with pureed sweet potato and apples at the bottom. Whatever floats their boat!

  3. Peter Kline on May 24, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Save some of that pear yogurt for me. Sounds good! By the way, Megan and I will be in Houston in a little over a week. Can't wait to see you guys!

  4. Anonymous on May 25, 2011 at 1:19 am

    We cloth diapered for several months until Blaine decided he hated it. Figures. And horray for the 3 meals! I mix greenbeans with yogurt and oatmeal (blech) but he seems to love it! LOL.

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