I Heart Nice People

I just wanted to share some acts of kindness I have received over the past few days. What a blessing!

Denise, the owner of WT (and my friend), went with me to Texas Children’s TWICE in the last week for morale support. Grayson had to have a lot of blood drawn for genetic testing that was ordered by the neurologist. The last time he had to have blood drawn, I went by myself and it was traumatic. We went last Thursday and they couldn’t get a vein. I do NOT like my baby to be stabbed with a needle with no results! So we had to go back yesterday when the really good blood-drawer was there (shouldn’t they all be really good if they are working with babies and kids?). Thankfully, this time it worked. Thank God Denise was there because she was totally the assistant- grabbing syringes, twisting lines, holding screaming G down while they were getting their million vials of blood. She made the whole experience so much less stressful.

This morning, I met a friend at Panera Bread for breakfast before Bible study. This sweet friend has been so great to talk to about Grayson- she has a precious girl with a lot of medical issues. She has given me lots of tips on how to talk to doctors, tricks on dealing with insurance, etc…I am so grateful I’ve gotten to know her. Anyway, I ordered my bagel and coffee and even though there were more people in line, the sweet woman who took my order saw I had G and told me she would fix my coffee for me and bring me my breakfast at the table. Such a small gesture of kindness, but it really meant a lot to me (and saved me from having to balance a carseat on one arm and a bagel and hot coffee in my hands- probably not a good combination).

In the course of one of our discussion topics at Bible study this morning, one of the leaders told me I was beautiful. I have been feeling particularly non-beautiful for awhile now, and I don’t believe her (my self-esteem is fine, I just feel like a Ihadababylessthanayearagoandreallyhaven’tdoneanykindofworkoutinIdon’twanttoadmithowlong-blob). It was very sweet of her to say though.

Last week, G’s therapist brought us three cans of formula to try (their office had been sent some by Similac and they were looking for babies that could use it.) It’s NeoSure, which is already beefed up to 22 calories/ounce, which is what we are feeding G to get him to gain weight. She asked us yesterday if we liked it and if we’d like some more. Yes please! I went by their office today and they gave me a box with TWELVE cans!!! Just because I’m curious, I looked up on Amazon how much it would have cost us. 15 cans would cost $224.85! SCORE! (I wish this meant I had $224.85 to spend on something fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t).

So many of you have been so sweet to comment on my posts–thank you! Your comments are so encouraging and mean the world to me!


  1. Esperanza on April 26, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Wow, what amazing acts of kindness. Thank you for sharing them with us so they can brighten our days as well as yours!

  2. basebell6 on April 26, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    awesome to all of those miracle workers!!!!!

  3. Maryanne Elders on April 26, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Sweet Elizabeth, I have so very much enjoyed reading( and going back in time and reading) your wonderful entries. Now that I have a full understanding of the challenges you have been so gracefully handling since your received the precious gift of your sweet Grayson may I say what an amazing lady and mom you are. It was such a treat to have you both in our Tiny Tots and Tunes class and I am so proud of you for attending each week in spite of the different emotions you experienced. The Power of music is so great!! Our Lord works in amazing ways and HIS ways are perfect even when we don't always understand . How blessed you are by your strong faith and it is that faith with Jesus by your side that will carry you through each new and exciting stage as Grayson's mom. I hope you both come back to music class in the Fall!! Blessings and love to you both! <3 Maryanne Elders

  4. Sarah on April 27, 2011 at 12:59 am

    Don't you love it when God shows us those bright spots in the universe?

  5. Erin on April 27, 2011 at 1:58 am

    So nice to read, glad there has been kindness in your days!

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