Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

It’s Sunday morning- Ryan is at work, the dogs and Grayson are all asleep- why am I not napping too? I did sleep in this morning- until 6:30 AM, which REALLY was 7:30 AM if you don’t count falling back for daylight savings. I don’t remember the last time I slept until 7:30, even before Grayson was born. Thank you Grayson and dogs for the extra sleep.  Love it!

I’ve been working on G’s baby book this morning. There’s a page that has you list things like price of a gallon of gas, world leaders, popular entertainers, etc…for the time your baby was born. I’m so pathetic- who are the world leaders right now? And do I really want to have Justin Bieber’s name permanently recorded in G’s baby book?

Things making me happy right now:
1. This kid, obviously. We went for a long walk earlier in the most gorgeous weather, which makes me happy too.
2. This show:  If you haven’t seen it, you must. A family with 3 awkward/quirky kids with a mom and dad who kind of half-ass parent them….hilarious. I love it so much I bought the Season 1 DVD.
3. This dog. Actually, yesterday I was about to STRANGLE Hank, but I won’t go into it, because he is forgiven – who could stay mad at this face anyway?
And then, since life is not all sunshine and roses, there are the things making me less than happy right now:
1. These medical bills- yeah, there’s a lot of them, with big numbers next to “amount due”. Ugh.
2. This laundry room. I HATE this laundry room. I scream at this room daily. It is tiny, crowded, the washer/dryer hookups are backwards from our machines so the doors open into each other instead of out. It’s the only place we have to put Hank’s water and food bowl. Water- everywhere. Clean dry clothes fall into the water. Ugh- I hate it.
3. This empty closet. It’s empty because I have exactly ZERO clothes that I either like or that fit me right now. I must go shopping for me soon. Problem is, I always end up in Gymboree or Carters when I go to the mall instead of Ann Taylor or Gap. Baby clothes are so much more fun (and cheap!)
And since I don’t want to end on an unhappy note…here’s another dose of adorableness making this a happy, happy day!


  1. MKline on November 7, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    If you write Justin Bieber's name in G's baby book, I will cry.Tell him that he was born into a frightening and beautiful world, full of frightening and beautiful people, and that, to our utter amazement, we have a God who knows and loves us so radically that it is both Frightening and Beautiful. Tell him that, to our utter amazement, God has given us the precious gift of Grayson's own frightening and beautiful life.Tell him that he was born at a time when many people are afraid and angry and downtrodden, but that there are also signs of hope and optimism and that his birth is one of those signs. Tell him that Barack Obama is our nation's president and that he is as human and frail as we all are. Tell him that there is this new thing in politics called the "Tea Party" that sounds made-up but isn't. Tell him that Steve Jobs really seems to run the world right now, anyway. Tell him that whatever Jobs doesn't own, Lady Gaga seems to… or Taylor Swift. Tell him that gas seems really expensive, but that the U.S. has some of the lowest gas prices in the world and that it is really complicated. Tell him that gas stations make more money from selling cokes and chips than they do selling gas. Tell him that his grandfather taught us that.And tell him that his very existence has been like a lit candle that has illuminated this whole world for us all and made it seem brand new.But please. Whatever you do, do not tell him anything about Justin Bieber.

  2. basebell6 on November 8, 2010 at 12:27 am

    awh that comment above made me laugh and smile. ūüôā i have nothing more to add.

  3. Kim on December 3, 2011 at 4:59 am

    You may have figured this out by now, but did you know you can switch the doors on your washer and dryer? At least I think you can…….I have a similar model and we can switch them…..just like the fridge handle.

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