Settling In

Future Genius

Grayson will be 4 weeks old tomorrow! I finally feel like we are somewhat getting settled, not that we have any real routine. I feel like our days and nights are just never ending feedings, diaper changes and cuddles, but that’s ok. It’s been strange for me- I’m so used to having a million things to do, at least 2 jobs, and right now Grayson is my only real “job”. I’ve really had to force myself to rest during the day- the “sleep when they sleep” concept is harder than it seems! I really am not sleepy during the day- but when 7:00 hits- wham! Unfortunately, that’s when Ryan gets home from work, and I’m not very chipper or talkative- poor guy.

With Grandaddy- so sweet

The dogs have been absolute ANGELS. For the most part, they leave Grayson alone and leave me alone when I am holding him. When he is not in my arms, the girls are all over me, and I am trying to make them feel just as loved as before. Hank has been so calm in the house- he is spending more time outside, but with the weather being so good, I think he is enjoying it. Whenever he comes in the house, he always goes to the pack n’ play to check on his brother (whether or not G is in it!) Izzy and Hank have both discovered pacifiers- sigh. So far they’ve just played with them, and not destroyed any ot them, thank goodness. I am so thankful that my sweet little fur-babies are adjusting so well.
Hank loved having my brothers visit- he took any attention he could get!
Grayson is doing fantastic, and is just the sweetest little guy. I bought a baby scale for peace-of-mind, and this morning after eating he weighed in at 7 pounds 1 ounce!
We are doing tummy time every day, and on Sunday, Grayson decided he could do this….Yes, we have a little over-acheiver on our hands! I love it!
Grayson also seems to love music, so this morning I pulled out my CDs from years and years ago- we listened to the Lion King soundtrack and sang along to Hakuna Matata.
Overall, I love being a stay at home mom so far! I don’t miss teaching at all (although I do miss my teacher friends a lot!) but I do really miss working at Waggin’ Tails. Thankfully, I am going to be doing work for them from home which I am really excited about. I’m so thankful that I am able to stay home with Grayson, and I am determined to enjoy every stage. 



  1. Shonda on October 21, 2010 at 3:04 am

    Look at all that hair!! He is precious. When I get back from Alabama, I want to come play. -Shonda

  2. basebell6 on October 28, 2010 at 1:07 am

    new reader here; i'm with you on missing teacher friends but not teaching!! i miss coaching though 🙁

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