Letters to Charlotte: 4 and a Half


Dear Charlotte,

Age has become a really big deal to you; you refer to anything in the past as either “When I was a baby” or “When I was three”. Well, you are now way past “baby” and even “three”, and here you are, somehow, at four and a half.

In some ways, you are still so little, and I wonder sometimes how you are ever going to grown into a self-sufficient, functioning adult. Then, the next minute you surprise me with your growing maturity and independence. I imagine we’ll be doing this dance for a long time yet.

You’ll be starting Pre-K in just a few months, and I’m excited to see you grow and all you’ll learn before you enter full-time school. You are so curious, asking all kinds of off the wall, imaginative questions about books we read or places we visit. You have gotten really good at writing your name, although for the life of me I can’t get you to write the C facing the right direction.

You love to craft, and to create. You still love princesses, ponies, and all things pink, but you insisted on getting matching summer sandals with Nolan: grey sharks. Your happy places are the ranch, and Chick Fil A, and your happy people are…anyone who will play with you.

You have quite the sweet tooth, and ask for snacks at least twice every hour. Although you asking for them drives me absolutely up the wall, I hope you pronounce granola bar “manela bar” forever.

You and Nolan are quite the pair. Best friends, except when you are not. You both can’t stand to be apart, and are like two puppies with your wrestling and chasing after one another. But your fighting can get vicious: on both your parts. I hope you stay this close forever.

Your relationship with Grayson has improved SO much. You talk sweetly to him, hug him, and bring him toys. I know you have so many questions about him and are still so confused, and for that, I am so sorry. I wish I could answer them for you, and for myself.

I love you, sweet girl. I love your beautiful curls, the freckles on your nose, and your feisty personality. I love the way you love your family, and want to always be around the people you care about. I love your imagination and your goofy questions and the way you ask “Just one more?” when we read books before bed. I love the person you are and the person you are becoming.

Happy Half Birthday to my best girl, precious Charlotte Faith.




  1. Courtney on July 20, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    She is so cute! Happy half birthday, Charlotte!

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